The mission of Baltic RetailAdvice is to

contribute to

the increase in

commercial enterprise performance.

Administrative and Project Management

Launch and administration of stores / service centres

Focus on sales! Plan to open stores, to expand, but need help.

Contact us! We will help find the best solutions.

We can also help to improve your shop / service center, take care of the technical conditions, solve current & ongoing issues

- Search of the suitable retail space

- Landlord Negotiations

- Technical issues

- Design and project documentation

- Landlord Coordination

- Tender Management of technical and engineering work to be carried out

- All operations and activities prior to shop / service center final opening

- Ongoing management of shop / estate environments

- Shop furniture and interior design development and procurement of tenders

- Support services and the choice of prior coordination with the lessee

- Shop / Current administrative service center, repairs, furniture innovation