The mission of Baltic RetailAdvice is to

contribute to

the increase in

commercial enterprise performance.


Accounting and financial management

If you are concerned about your entities' profitability or if you would like to be able to manage your cash flows better, we offer you our assistance in establishment of budgeting and in organisation of daily management of cash flows.

If you would like to increase your confidence by carrying out a tax audit on your current entity or if you would like to get answers to specific taxation related questions, we are also at your service.

If you are interested in purchasing a retail chain or a store in the Baltic region or the CIS, we are ready to perform a due diligence analysis which will help you in the decision making process and in price negotiations.

We also offer standard accounting and financial management services:

Everyday accounting

Recording of every economic transaction using accounting software

Issue of sales invoices, entry of purchase invoices, check-up on stock and cash on hand accounting, employee payroll accounting, preparation and execution of bank transfers

Compilation of reports

Intra-company reports: interim reports (e.g. balance sheet, income statement, summary of receivables, sales accounts, project accounts, consolidated reports etc.) and reports for the company's supervisory bodies (management and supervisory board)

External reports: annual reports, tax returns, statistics, reports for banks and leasing companies, and special reports (e.g. to the Financial Supervision Authority, the Ministry of Finance etc.).

Organisation of financial management

The company's financial statements, preparation of a future activity plan with the client. Budget preparation and monitoring (single projects, departments, total budget)

Cash flow prediction and management (short-term and long-term (week, month) management of working capital)

Periodic financial statements (analysis of profit and loss, and of equity etc.)

Preparation of activity plans (planning of profit/loss, balance projections, ascertainment of investment need etc.)